What is Numerology?

Surprisingly, many people don't know. It is one of the oldest and least known of the sciences observed and compared too, the divinations of today's Astrology, Tarot and the various other uses of mysticism. Respectfully speaking, they are all inter-connected as one "family", just different "dialects". The theories of Numerology are attributed to the Greek mathematician and mystic, Pythagoras, back about 550 B.C., who said, "The world is built upon the power of numbers".
There is a fundamental relationship derived from a person's name and birth date, a frequency charge of vibration, a motion of cause and affect, reflecting matter in each one's own individuality. The laws of energy is simply applied by understanding the alphabet and its interplay of our strengths and weaknesses through letters and their corresponding assigned numbers, 1 through 9, 11, 22 33 and 0. It is a gainful insight to decisions needing clarity.

My gift is mediated through the language of numbers. The numbers "speak" through me, to you. Decades of research, tutorial programs, social media, private practice, I have yet to meet two people with the same DNA, regardless if their names or date of births are the same, each being of their own uniqueness. Is it a form of psychic transmission? For me, I prefer reference as a Spirit Communicator, then YES. It is an access to my potentials in demonstrating psychic/intuitive abilities, a perception outside the normal range of hearing; AKA, clairaudient, able to clearly hear the voices of "Spirit" in my mind.
So how may I help you? An appointment is arranged! Any inquiries in question, such as name changing, legal matters, event planning, career decisions, relocation (states, cities, addresses are as important as the move itself), relationship/compatibilities, finances, and physical-mental wellbeing, I assure you, what will be translated to us and will be well guided. All of our life paths have crossroads, and I say, "When the teacher is ready the student/s appears".
I am not a believer of coincidence. If our paths cross and a clearer blueprint of your journey is in question, remember I've got your Number and your Numbers are you.

Numbers up!