How important is our given name at birth?
It is record of recording of who you are upon entry. Many people do not have a name right away put on a birth certificate. It can be listed as male or female, or last name only, misspelled, if adopted, the name change will be more effective than what was recorded but the root is the root, and no matter how many times one changes their names. the "entry   name will always have some effect, yes even if named "female, "male". The letters and their shapes in a name are marking the territories you will look to embark on. Your name is "who you are and whom you like to be" "Movie stars, entertainers, change their names for identity purposes as to how they are remembered in their careers.

Should I change my name after a divorce or even if I get married? Will and how can it affect my children if I divorce and use my maiden name?
Not so fast there in changing a name. A vowel and consonant are not the same in meanings. Timing is everything, and "e" going to a "y" is a big difference, especially when it may not be the "numerological timing" in doing so. It takes a good one year for a name change to be in its "full" force. The children already have their identity and will grow into their journeys as explained above. This is your personal experiences. Maybe the new name change can help or sometimes, it better left untouched, until, better timing if any. ***Note::Understanding name identity through Numerology is absolutely amazing. Future articles will be written on this area, including arranged marriages with legal names that must be recorded as such.

How do the numbers show compatibility in relationships? Can they show who the right one is for me?
First I must ask,compatible to what? Personal? Business? Sexual? Travel?  We all must have some compatibility to something, in someone, or we either don't find it attracting, don't get involved, or do it anyway and say "oh gosh, what did I do!!! Numbers are tools as tools are necessary to a carpenter to build and measure. Once we establish the names and dates of birth of all parties, a blueprint is constructed to see all the odd and even numbers in combinations, the letters and again their shapes having a part of the "DNA" makeup. In essence though, it is a measurement through "numbers" and guideline giving information as to either likes and dislikes within the profiles of what it is you are looking to be compatible in. We all make our choices.

Can Numerology tell me when I will get married, how long it will last, have a baby/family, all the important wants and desires I am looking for with another?
Timing is everything and the best in speculations would be viewed through one's date of birth.  The birth date is the activator of transitions we all go through.  There are periods that can be happier, saddening, frustrating. We can project an "index level" as to when the above can activated in your "Numbers in Motion", but we cannot discount looking at the other parties information for the timing to such events.  Of course, if it is meant to will be!

What are my lucky numbers? If I dream of them are they lucky?
Not so easy to answer. We must see the odd numbers and even numbers in a count. Your name numbers/letters. Occurrences of events, especially the repeated ones. Your date of birth. I personally feel some of us are more "number friendly" with the odd sets rather than the even numbers and visa versa.
Some feel #13 is very lucky as others have their stories to tell how unlucky the number really is for them. Some just love say the # 5 and to others, it can feel negative through their experiences.  Not such an easy answer as I said. Dreaming and seeing the same #'s, again it all has to be taken in to "count"!

Can I become a Numerologist?
I really can't say why you can't.  If you enjoy psychology, you can easily familiarize yourself with the numbers and like me, decades later and still learning, is absolutely, amazingly non stop repeating "you cant' make this stuff up"!. Oh by the way, it is one of the easiest of the sciences to learn without at all thinking you have to be a mathematician. Trust me! Dedicate yourself in reading, studying and work with your friends and family. They are all your best teachers. I can help you!

Lois Martin
Have a Happy Day!