Lois has been featured on cable/television shows; web cam projects, live & internet radio Blog Talk Radio, plus has enjoyed the induction to the VERY prestigious Association Internationale de Numerologies in the United Kingdom, and as a personal consultant for many years, being one of the first Americans invited! Also featured many times on/with the Infamous John Edward, his show Infinite Quest, featured tutorials on Numerology, including Intuitive readings. Her list continues. "So teach us to number our days so we may enter the heart of wisdom". Psalm 90.12
Chances are if you are reading this, you may be at a crossroad in life; curious, indecisive, or were just led by no coincidence, to my site. For whatever reason it's a pleasure to meet you!

Who am I? I am a practicing Numerologist for a very long time with a back long history of past life times still trying to understand arithmetic! (Do they still use that word?). But when it comes to your name and date of birth information...I can zoom into my "Psychic in High Definition" (PHD!) mode, with or without paper and pencil, getting a handle on you like a DNA report. Through hard work, patience, and failures, I express complete gratefulness to my entire Staff of Numerological Teaching Guides (AKA the Cosmic Spirits), still insisting I keep on hand lots of pencils with erasers! Therefore, I am still practicing and my attitude is gratitude!

Science has proven that all life form has vibration, even dirt! The law of mathematics is the only proof of any science, the theory of philosophy for everything must be brought down to figures to be proven and understood. They are man's only parallel and it is on this law that the art and science of Numerology is founded.

People reference me as a Spirit Communicator/ a Medium. This part of my journey has developed through understanding the language of numbers. Numbers Speak to me! Truthfully, I never wanted to be a psychic or spirit communicator. I just wanted to be a plain old...NO... I mean young Numerologist! My numbers remain my trusted tools, my friends, and will always be!
As time passed, I accept now that I am a clairaudient, one who is able to LISTEN to the "voices" within. So yes, I do have a dialogue with the "other side", through Numbers, Spirit and above all God. I worked in a psychiatric hospital with schizophrenic patients for years. This terrible "dis'ease that strikes so many, with chattered hearing, can be compared to, a fine line of similarity, the way I hear my chattering voices THANKFULLY, I can turn mine off.

Why am I here working? What are you teaching me that obviously I am here for more than one purpose to understand? Could it be me, my family, my friends, one day to experience this mind/heart wrenching disorder? I know I am here to serve. I have learned through my numbers, this being one of my many life experiences to achieve. Show me God. I AM LISTENING.

And this is how it began for me, taking it to the next level of Numbers Speak. God already had the divine plan of my experience mapped and programmed into my G P S (G-Gods-P-Positioning-S-System), helping me develop my natural intuitive abilities. Our ego is the necessary hard drive, the engine force towards our spiritual development, both at times feeling like a battlefield of the mind, ego wanting one thing and my GPS screaming, recalculating! It has taught me to Listen and pay attention to the words becoming clearer and louder: Surrender, Trust, Faith, Hope, Prayer, and Gratefulness, all enabling me to proceed with my growth completion process. Oh, by the way EGO spelled E-Edging-G-God-O-Out!

Do the voices happen all the time? NO. We all live in the flesh! Thoughts create feelings and for me it comes when the vibration is timed right and synchronicity is aligned with that energy. I don't stand on a deli line hearing the server's deceased mother saying, "Be careful, and don't slice your fingers off!" I cannot give you the lottery numbers or the winning horses at the track.

People have called me from casinos, asking me to add up the serial numbers on the slot machines, seeing if they were lucky numbers for them to play on! WHAT???? Cheese Louise... I love the feeling being Spirit Engaged but..REALLY? I do KNOW when it IS A DIVINE INTERVENTION!! The goose bumps are goosey! I believe we all get signs from the "other side". God, Angels, Spirit and from those we love, miss and even those we still hold harbored anger towards. I'm also learning life becomes easier when accepting apologies and that POWER is in forgiveness. I understand too, this is a hard statement for one to swallow.

We ALL as I mentioned have the ability by being OPEN to RECEIVE "SIGNALS". People say feathers are blown to them when not even a breeze is about. Butterflies, birds, swarming around in cold snowy (ugh) weather. Stepping on, spotting coins on the ground (hey where's the big bucks?!!)
**My personal Spirit message I'd like to share, When finding coins, pick them up, clutch it to your heart, look up, say thank you and put it back down. Why? Someone else is hoping for a sign too. (Now if it's the big bucks, please don't call me from the casinos! That's another Spirit message for you!

People mention all the time, "Lois, I keep seeing the same numbers on my clock, car odometer, license plates etc. Signs appearing constant without even looking for them; out of nowhere!" Well, even space is nowhere! I have one Spirit Guide I love dearly, (I love them all) that repeats constant remember the KISS principle...Keep It Sweet and Simple, 'cause all you humans do is complicate everything! Bravo! So what does it all mean these numbers, (1111 being the most popular) etc? Hmmmm, lots of probabilities.

In today's language, you are being air-waved text messaged! Accept it with Gratefulness! Do I personally like all the things I get in message form to me? Hell no! But the more I surrender to the words...even though it's painful (example...I want to go fun shopping and the voice says VERY clear, No, Not Today!, don't think that just put me in a happy person mood day! But when I don't LISTEN, the shopping was a disaster, costly and I hear a tune in my ear over and over. Told you not to go, told you not to go! Another aha moment. I have plans and God laughs! Everything is as perfect as it exactly should be. Perfectly timed.

So when someone sighs life is hard, ask them compared to what? (Quoted by Sidney Harris). In my private practice and public appearances, I must mention that FREE WILL lies in the choice of THOUGHT. I am not one who will look to interfere on what YOUR FREE WILL chooses to experience. We are all tripods. We are Mind, Body and Spirit. I accept that God shows up in our lives in unlimited forms, never being a coincidence and I accept TRUST more and more as it unleashes my infinite power within. No, I haven't the answers why life can be good, bad and ugly. I ask the same questions. I'm human.

No one, though, is alone processing life. We need to just LISTEN. Remember these wise words. YEARS CAN WRINKLE THE SKIN, BUT TO GIVE UP WRINKLES THE SOUL. And this is who I am...A HOT NUMBERED NUMEROLOGIST, who communicates with Life in the Now and the Afterlife that continues to Breathe from the Heavenly Floors.